From Pick-up Artist

To Social Heartist

It's here! The book that finally brings the curtain down on the pick-up artist circus. It's Game Over and not a moment too soon.

In this long-awaited book, John Cooper reveals the full story of how he infiltrated the pick-up and seduction industry and subverted it into a platform for masculine and spiritual development.  Creating a revolutionary new paradigm called Social Heartistry that the world is waking up to and welcoming with open arms. Enabling men and women to connect on a deeper and more heartfelt level than was ever possible.

What You Will Find Inside This Book

What if everything you had learnt in "game" was a lie? Making you more and more socially disfunctional and repelling the women you desire. Welcome to the path of truth and freedom...

  • Deconstructing the PUA context

    Breaking down the pick-up artist context. Explaining why the whole framework of “Game” is flawed. Because it is about acquisition. And an acquisition frame creates suffering and compounds the emptiness. More and more PUA bootcamps and theory yet still working in this same paradigm.

  • The "Natural Game" Trap

    A mistake a lot of men make is evolving past old skool pick-up methods and landing in Natural Game – thinking it is the promised land.  Yet they are still operating from an acquisition frame and hunting women on the streets and in bars. Very much still being pick-up artists.

  • Introducing Social Heartistry

    The introduction to a new paradigm for human connection and intimacy. Instead of being in an acquisition frame, Social Heartistry is about moving into the heart of a child.  Having child-like curiosity and wonder, moving through the world with a full heart that wants to give nothing but unconditional love to everyone around them.

  • Giving (unconditionally)

    The paradigm shift to freedom involves subverting the entire pick-up artist context of acquisition on its head and instead coming from a place of giving unconditionally – co-creating and expressing with the world, including intimacy with women without any attachment whatsoever.

  • Autonomy

    We are conditioned to take for our own needs.  We take this attitude to our dating lives and go around needing an outcome from women to fulfill ourselves.  The principle of Autonomy is to be self-contained and fulfilled in every single moment – with or without women.  Attracting people into our orbit.

  • Play vs. Work

    When picking-up we go to work and suffer until we reap the reward of sex.  Social Heartistry is about dropping into a play frame which is about moment-by-moment enjoyment. When in a playframe you extend this play out to people around you. You can never be rejected or lose because you are always winning.

  • Semantic Engineering

    Learning the power of spells and spelling. The way we describe our world dictates how we ultimately show up. The words we choose to use, lock us into a particular perceptual view and either traps us or liberates us. By a few linguistic changes you can transform yourself powerfully.

  • The Damaged Child and Self Healing

    When we’re young we experience a great trauma. As children we go about pacfiying and avoiding the pain. This forms our adult personalities.  The action of “picking up” is driven by that pain, and using the conquering of women to alleviate it.  By healing our hearts we escape the pick up context, and move into actions navigated by the heart.

"For any man caught up in the cobweb of game playing propagated by the Pick-Up industry, this book will be key to unpicking the closed-minded thinking in which they have been ensnared. John Cooper has written an amusing yet impassioned plea for reason whilst offering a simple means for connecting with women as equals rather as targets of acquisition."     Tim Ruth (author of The Cult of Normality)

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"As a Social Heartist, I move beyond feeding the ego-self. It’s like dropping into an ocean of neutrality, pure flow. Beyond identity, beyond judgments, limitations, constructs, dualisms, strategies and control. My heart opens. I broadcast a whole new vibe out into the world. Instead of predicting the worst-case scenarios and battling with it, I trust in the unknown and come from pure potential and possibility. I am no longer forcing or controlling, but letting go and riding the chaos..."

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